Before knowing about solar installing, we will understand what exactly the solar is installing is. Solar installing is quite popular nowadays. Different kinds of Solar panel installations available and it is installing by specialists. This depends on your particular requirement and the type of your roof. There are a number of solar installers in Australia from which you should select the most suitable residential solar installer as per your need and budget. You should compare different quotes from different companies before dealing with anyone.

Here We Have Mentioned Some Kinds of Solar Panels

  • On roof – This is the most economical system of solar panel installation. Still, it can look like an addition and also requires a gap around the solar panels for rain run-off. No planning acceptance excluding in designated maintenance areas.
  • In roof- This kind of solar panel installation features panels, which remain with the roof. Generally, this is comparatively more expensive and provides less purified air.
  • Solar PV tiles-This is a substitute of solar panel installation. This system requires the roof to be comprehensively retailed and is more costly than in roof and on roof solar panel installations and can be somewhat less efficient. Still, its look is more attractive. No planning permission is required for this solar panel installation excluding in conversation areas.
  • Flat roof installation- This kind of solar installation is generally used for commercial assets and requires blocks or A-frame mounting with sufficient spacing to avoid shadows.
  • Ground mounted solar panel- Alike flat roof installation, these installations are also usually used for commercial use. Mostly, this kind of solar panels requires an immense amount of land to be affordable. Further, planning permission is required for this kind of solar panel installation.
Things to Consider Before Hiring

Knowledge of various brands - Before hiring any solar installer, you should make sure that they should be able to explain the various brands of solar panels, which they install. Besides, they should provide knowledge regarding its benefits and downsides as well. They should cautiously understand your needs and concerns and then suggest the most suitable solar panel.

Check inverter warranties - The power output or efficiency of warranty on solar panels usually lasts between 25 to 35 years. This covers repair of original silicon cells, should their electric production occur below a given percentage. You should check that your installer provides craftsmanship or product warranty also offered or not. Further, the warranty also covers other parts of the panel like the glass, backing and laminate.

Certification - the right certified installer to efficiently install your panels. It is recommended to hire authorized certified installers for your need.

So, before hiring any solar panel installer for your home, consider the above mentioned things and choose the best.

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